Here is some of the solutions that i wrote for various crackmes, though i do not like writing long ones!


Encrypto - Aurora
A collaborated solution for this wicked crackme. CRC32, Custom Block Cipher, Nyberg Rueppel, Base 32.

s4tan - s4tanic0de
.NET crackme. Again dynamic method creation, but this time much harder. Had to hook JIT to get the IL code.

s4tan - CrackME#1
.NET crackme which uses Reflection for dynamic method creation and invoking. Author says Reflector won´t be useful, I disagree!

bpx_ - FlashMe
Flash crackme with obfuscated Action Script with Base64 serial gen routine.

Defsanguje - CrackMe #0 - SerialMe
Vista crackme with 16000+ sections. Some of the tools will be useless :P

iLL_LeaT's Crypta-Lock-O-Matic
.NET crackme which uses RSA 384 and XML.

dybolic - Dybolic V1
Custom protection in C#. Uses dynamic method invoking mechanism. (Some thing similar to functions pointers, call dword ptr[])

Indomit - Ten Coins
Pretty nice keygenme. Implements an old puzzle of coins. Crackme made in C#. You will love it, if you like math puzzles.

Encrypto - Keygenme.9.dEPENDENCE
Custom packer, MD5, ElGamal. Coded keygen in C and Delphi. An example of how weird FGInt is :P

heinz - Genetic Quest
Genitic code for monsters. Hopefully i had studied biology in school :)

Drakenza - Virulent
SHA-1, threads, mutating code.

Logan - Crackme V6
Lot of Anti-Debugging, and a small serial generation/verification.

[_j_] - mars
SHA512, Diffie-Hellman Key exchange. Good one!

[_j_] - pALLAs
RSA-1024, modified SHA1, solved using Wiener attack!

zart - mishka tribute
Just for a refreshment :P

theone - simkey
Simple math using floating point numbers.

Sharpe - Crackme#4
Simple code obfuscation using xor.

x15or - Broken Lands Keygenme
MD5,SHA1,crc32,xTEA,RSA-211. Good crackme!

Saytos - EnableMe & PushMe #1
Patch to enable the button, some threads also!

haiklr - M&M's Crackme
Kewl math, interesting!

KiTo - KGNme AGAiN
MD5 and Base64, that's all.

boonz - Keygenme #1
Straight math for serial computation.

Nevyn - nev-crackme
Only 1 serial, seems to be obfuscation(o0).

Kostya - Simple KeyGenMe #1
Math operations.

Wizzardz - Keygenme #1
Only a dll, have to code crackme for testing!

CromaxX - Keygenme #4
Math operations with a clicking bug :)

hagger - clone
Nice serial verification.

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