Welcome to!

Here you will find some of my work in Reverse Engineering, Cryptography and Coding field.

-Mera Bharat Mahan


27 APR 2010: Added a new Keygenme/Crackme - Dongle Me.

14 SEP 2009: Added a collaborative solution to Encrypto´s Aurora [Nyberg Rueppel].

17 AUG 2009: Added a solution to s4tan´s s4tanic0de [.NET JIT Hook].

30 MAY 2009: Added a solution to s4tan´s CrackME#1 [.NET Reflection].

23 MAY 2009: Added a solution to bpx_´s FlashMe [Flash based crackme].

14 MAY 2009: Added a solution to Defsanguje´s CrackMe #0 - SerialMe [Vista only].

28 MAR 2009: Added two new crackmes and a solution. I hate to code HTML, so made a little app to do the dirty work !

22 FEB 2009: Added solution by Numernia for CLR SerialMe 0x01. Now I am a moderator of, a highly honorable position!

10 FEB 2009: Pretty long time! Still alive and kicking :). I was not able to update the site because the provider was not allowing to modd my files :(. Any way i am back and updated the pages. There is a new page for the sources. Enjoy!

27 APR 2008: I am NOT dead! Just too busy with real life. Any way updated the site´s html. May be i will get some time to reverse in near future!

02 DEC 2007: Added a solution for Crackme V6 by Logan.

23 NOV 2007: Added a solution for MARSs Keygenme by [_j_].

28 OCT 2007: Added a solution for PALLAs Keygenme by [_j_].

17 OCT 2007: Added signature file for Miracl v 5.3.1.

14 OCT 2007: Added a new KeyGenMe-SCORPiON.

11 OCT 2007: First publishing of the website. Greets goes to SSlEvIN of ARTeam for the logo, and rylisa for the helps.

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